Argan: The Family Heritage

“We are siblings : Ahmed, Zahra, Aziza, Bouchra, Meriem, Keltoum and Karim, we were born and raised in Agadir / South of Morocco ( a region called Souss Massa Deraa), the unique place in the world where the argan tree grows. My City is placed between the mountains of the Atlas and Atlantic ocean coast. Argan oil has always been part of our family’s traditions and as kids we played around our mother who was preparing it in a traditional way. Ever since I can remember, we could taste it with bread when it was coming out of the R’ha (the traditional millstone), after a few years of expatriation in Europe and traveling all over the world I went back to my home country and city to bring the modern know-how and develop the region. Statement of ANZA TRADE founder.