At ANZA TRADE we are delighted to partner with all retailers/brokers that respect our values in providing sustainable, fair trade and empowering products to the local community.

We can provide special wholesale & bulk size prices to our partners with a worldwide delivery service. To meet the expectations of their customers.

1- Retail:

A- Distributor:

Are you a retailer, spa or boutique interested in distributing our products?  Contact us directly for more information about our products as well as pricing tables.

The retail package consists of 15 bottles – 30 ml each. It is sold with a display/shelf where all the 15 bottles are set.

We offer interesting discounts and supple terms for those willing to advertise ANZA TRADE “LA PERLE” products. The minimum order quantity can be negotiated, and we can provide different kinds of marketing and logistic support.

B- Private Brand:

If you plan to create your brand by using your own logo and/or your own type of bottles, please contact us with your requests. We will be able to provide you with a tailor-made proposal.

We are very flexible and every opportunity is interesting for us:

  • Multiple bottle options and different sizes
  • Design/template accompaniment
  • Good pricing based on long term trust relationships
  • Fast deadlines

For any further assistance about our private brand service or all our oils, please contact us

2- Wholesale:

ANZA TRADE delivers argan oil in the following sizes for shipment ( liters OR Kgs):

  • Plastic canister of 25 kg net, i.e. 20 litres net
  • Iron Drum of 200 kg net
  • IBC Tank of 950 kg net.

Packings are illustrated below:

All packing is guaranteed to be “food safe”.

If you are interested in becoming a retailer, sales agent or distributor for ANZA TRADE, please write us an email at: or send us a WhatsApp message to: +436767191544.