Company Information and Contact Details

  • Business Name: Anza Trade Sarl.
  • Business Address: Bloc “A” N°382 Lotissement El Hassania Anza AGADIR
  • Phone: 0043 6 76 71 91 544
  • Total number of Employees: 5
  • Number of Employees at Head Office: 3
  • Primary Line of Business: Oil Products

Management Directory

  • Mohammed ETTAMSSIH, General Manager
  • My Abdeslam ALAOUI, Vice President of Sales
  • Ahmed TAMSSIH, Chief of Marketing

Company Overview

Anza Trade Sarl. is considered as one of the leading supplier of oil products in North Africa with 3 offices across the globe, including the head office in Agadir / Morocco. The company also has operations in the Middle East countries/Europe/Africa and USA.

Background and Development

The first market opportunities for exotic extracted oils on a commercial basis began with the requirement of high strength resins by cosmetic industry. In 2020, we founded our won manufactory and started already exporting to a few clients in Europe. We expect to reach the target of 10 tones by the end of the year.


Nearly 80 employees are employed (7 directly and the rest in an indirect way) in our oil products industry and the number is expected to increase in the coming years.

Key Processes

Latest technology and manufacturing equipment have improved the quality of the extraction of oil products. Even the oils are being made fine with advanced equipment. Some of the technological innovations include automatization, seeds preparation, packaging and press technology.

No chemicals are used during the whole process.